Coach Poppy Project

Hello Loves!!

Hope you all are having an awesome start to your August (yay for Autumn almost being here!!).  I'm sure you wondering what the crazy flowers are on the left...well I'm participating in the Coach Poppy Project which connects people to different sites, and give YOU (and me), yes YOU a chance to win Coach prizes!!  Yes you read correct...COACH PRIZES!!!  Fabulous!!!  It's super-easy to participate so get to it!!

Tweet using #CoachPoppy to make all of the patterns grow, or use a participating site’s personal #hashtag to make that pattern grow. “Like” the Poppy Project on Facebook. Try secret keywords. Be creative! (In this case use the #prudentstylebyally tag to make my flowers grow!)

Look for the Surprises!!  If you spot a Poppy bag in the design, click on it and you'll get a special prize!  

To make it easier you can also click on the red circle, and a default pop-up tweet will appear.  Like the rules say be creative, and don't forget to use the #CoachPoppy and #prudentstylebyally hashtages.  :)

I normally don't do stuff like this, but it seems fun and's like the saying goes "It's the simple things that amuse me in life".  I've been a fan of Coach for years, and even though I'm not a frequent shopper I love their stuff.  Plus I think this is a brilliant marketing/advertising idea for Coach...maybe I should hit them up for a job since that's what I majored in lol!!  So get to tweeting, good luck, and Happy Shopping!!


  1. where do you paste the code for this coach project? at the html page?

    i love your blog and followed you.

  2. You add a text box gadget to the side, and past the code there for it to show up! thanks for the follow, and spread the word!! :)


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