As I'm sitting here watching/listening to TA play Halo (he's practicing since the new one drops in 3 weeks *rolls eyes) I started daydreaming about going on a small vacay before the end of summer.  Today's weather in Charlotte was actually bearable, and somewhat cooler which amps me even more for fall to get here sooner, but I want to feel the ocean water one more time before it gets too chilly.

Even though I could never afford a luxe beach-getaway this is how I'll envision it...

Yes please!

Definitely need romance on a beach getaway :)

I feel relaxed already....I may have to make a Watermelon Passion just to up the ante, and maybe sound more convincing for TA to do this lol!  I seriously do need to get away for awhile, and let loose.  Things have been a little stressful, and TA and I need some definite quality time alone.

Do you have any last season trips scheduled or weekend plans?  What would be your dream vacay be?

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