Red Nails & Rings

On my quest to expand my tiny nail polish collection I picked up this fiesty little one last week,  tried it out last tonight, and I must say I like it. It's called Siren from Pure Ice...very fitting name, don't you think?  I picked it up at Wal-Mart, and only paid $2 for it so it was a very satisfying impulse purchase.   I had been on the hunt for a color that was bold, and sexy yet playful, and this seems like a good fit.  I've always admired the look of red nails, but picking out THE perfect shade is liking finding a needle in a haystack...I think I did very well!

I know it looks it looks a little crappy, but I'm proud of doing at-home mani's/pedi's...saves me money!

What I love most with red nails is fun hand-candy so I'd thought I'd share what's in my inventory :)

Left to Right:
Forever 21, NY&Co.
Mom, Grandmother, Avon
Entire 3rd row from my Grandmother
Avon, Lost & Found from work, Brother

I really don't have a favorite b/c I love them all, and each piece has a special meaning to my heart.  Not all of them are real (obvi), but I've had some say two in particular are...can you guess which ones??

I think a black/silver ring really goes well w/ va-va-voom red nails ;)
(Sorry for the crap shot...I'm hoping to get this camera soon as a birthday gift)

What are your favorite nail colors?  Do you have a certain go-to color, or do you mix it up depending on your mood or season?  What's your hand-candy?  I'd love to see what you guys wear so link back to this post if you do one or leave a comment!  Have a great day, and Happy Shopping!


  1. Cool polish! I need to add some red to my collection! :)

  2. It's a great find at a really great price! Every girl needs a red polish in their collection...definitely a staple! :)

  3. I love red nail polish, and the colour of this one is great!!

    Also, I'm so jealous of your rings! They're so pretty.



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