Sweet Dreams

One of my fave places to shop for home items is IKEA so when I received my catalog in the mail a few days ago I couldn't wait to open it up and see what was new.  Last summer I was bitten by the interior-design bug, and started brainstorming ways to improve the look of my home.  It's not glamorous by any means mostly b/c it's small with no space for storage, but the one room I really want to re-do is the bedroom.  I had a color-scheme of red, black, white, and gray in mind, but red isn't all that soothing and relaxed so I'm starting over.  Luckily I found this in the catalog, and I instantly fell in love with the colors.

With the blue, gray, and white tones it really sets off the mood of comfort and calmness which is most important in a bedroom.  I don't have the space to do this exact setup nor would I want to, but the color-scheme is what I'm looking for.  Reminds me of a New England/Hamptons vacay home, but not as expensive...ahhh I can hear the waves now.  :-P What do you think?

I also came across this bedroom which is at the opposite end of the spectrum to what I'm looking for, but I really like it.

Very sexy, chic, and girly...too bad TA wouldn't go for this (From the IKEA 2010 Catalog)

What I do have space for is a montage of photos seen above.  Pictures of any sort can give liveliness to a room and really set the mood, and I have tons of pics that I want to display.  This would be ideal for anyone who wants to really express their personality in a different way.

IKEA is a great way to get inspiration in redoing any space, and I admire that they have layouts, and room setups available to envision and draw creativity from.  If you live close enough to a store I highly suggest to make a trip.  Even if you're not into the retro-modern style they have numerous everyday items (i.e. flatware, glasses, rugs, lamps, etc.) at low price points.  Also wear COMFORTABLE shoes since most stores are two levels and very spread out, but it's well worth the trip.  And if you're not near one check out the online store. Maybe you'll find something that will inspire you to make a change :).  Happy Shopping!

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