Watermelon Passion

After my long week I decided to end the weekend with a cocktail I invented awhile back, and it's perfect on a warm summer night like tonight here in NC.  I love being at home, and relaxing with a drink or two with TA and/or friends...makes for good times and good memories.

The two best things about this drink is it's only two ingredients, and super cheap to make.   I like to call it Watermelon Passion...fruity, sweet, and satisfying. :)  All it takes is one shot of X-Rated, and pour Watermelon Juice up to about half an inch to the rim.  If you're using a smaller glass I recommend a half-shot unless you like your drinks stronger.  Mix well, and add a few ice cubes, and voila! you have a Watermelon Passion. (I'm sure there's an actual drink called Watermelon Passion out there, but it was the first thing that came to mind).  Try it out, and let me know!!

I'm sure you noticed my new header for the blog.  I've been debating about changing things up, and this was at the top of my list.  Hope you like it!  Feel free to make suggestions, and please leave some comments!! Have a good Monday, and Happy Shopping!

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