Check Out My Makeover!

Why Hello!   How are you?  Notice anything different?  Do you like it? ;)

For awhile I have had the constant debate on whether or not I wanted to make some major changes to PSBA.  Maybe a new header?  Change the layout of the entire blog?  Add some new features?  New colors and fonts?  were just a few of the dozens of questions I kept asking myself.  As being a Libra I'm very indecisive so even changing the color scheme is a daunting task.  I found this lovely template, and everything seemed to go downhill for the next 8 hours...

Let me just say I don't know a damn thing about HTML code, and after copying/pasting/deleting, numerous attempts of ripping my hair out, and almost half a pack of cigs (yes I know this is bad) I FINALLY present to you the newly redesigned and fabulous Prudent Style by Ally!!  I'm sure you're rolling your eyes thinking to yourself "Another makeover? ...How long until the next one?".  Well I pinky-promise this will be it...for now.  As a marketing major I've learned it's important to have a strong image to support your brand/business, and I'm on the path to building my brand image for PSBA.  I still have my original header, and will use that for my future business cards :).  I sincerely hope you like the new look  I've worked hard on it, and I hope this will be  the last makeover (for at least awhile lol).

So enough babbling for now...I'm off to write up an actual fashion post, but for now tweet me up, and like me!  Happy Shopping!

P.S.  I added my signature to every post.  It's not my actual signature b/c it looks like a scribble so here is my digital-composed signature...not to shabby if I say so myself


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