Take a Chance On Me

One of the most important items in a woman's wardrobe is a signature scent.  It's the finishing touch to an outfit adding on another feature to appeal to the senses.  Perfumes not only complete an outfit, but entice emotions within and the people around us, and remind us of good memories.  My go-to scent is Chanel's Chance, and I will never look towards replacing it.  TA knew that I wanted a bottle, and two years ago I received it unexpectedly as an "I love you" gift, and immediately engulfed myself in a Chance cloud :).  I'll be needing a new bottle soon...hmm maybe as a birthday gift??

Doing some digging on Chance I came across a quote from Mademoiselle:  "I was given a chance, and I took it".  This is so true about life.  Sit back and think of a time that you took a chance whether it was good or bad...did you learn something from it?  I hate thinking about events and saying "What If?"...I did with a lot of things, and some I regret and others I cherish, but the outcome is I learned something from it.  Sorry for my philosophical babbling...I'm somewhat at a crossroad in my life, and I'm currently questioning a few things, but no worries...all will be well in the end.

So what's your signature scent?  It would be amazing if we had the technology to be able to smell through the computer b/c this post would probably make a lot more sense...maybe one day it'll happen.  Have a good rest of the week, and Happy Shopping!

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  1. I love Miss Dior Cherre (sp?) I wear it a lot. I like its classic feminine but not too girly and overpowering scene. I also wear a lot of the Body Shop Love Etc because it's quite a fresh and light scent!


    PS - would you be interested in doing a Blogger/Google Friend Connect follower swap? Xx


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