Quick Update

Hey loves!  Just wanted to give you an update on what's going on.  As of my last post I broke the news that TA and I are taking a break, and I'm moving back home to Kentucky.  Well this is my final weekend here in Carolina, and I must say it is sad.  I've really enjoyed the past 4 years living here, and being with him, but it's time that we focus on our own issues seperate , and work through this rough patch in our relationship.  Like I said before we are committed to making this work out, and that we still love each other regardless of what the outcome is.

I had an awesome time home last weekend for my birthday, but unfortunately I didn't take any pictures!  I know so sad, right?  However I did get a "new" camera so hopefully pics will be of better quality :)  Once I get things settled in my new place I promise I will be posting!  And I have realized I have WAYYY too much stuff, and have been donating or pitching items out left, and right lol.  No person should have as much stuff as I do for only being 26 years old.  But at least that gives me a reason to buy new stuff :)

Happy Shopping!


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