Argyle Love LOTW

Happy November!  I'm finally settled into my new place except for a box or two that still needs to be unpacked.  My little space is not picture/post-ready whatsoever, but it'll be a work in progress.  Pics will come as soon as it's PSBA-reader worthy :)

One of my all-time favorite fashion trends (especially for the fall/winter season) is argyle, and I'm so excited that yet again at NY&Co they've brought out their argyle sweaters!  Last year I had this amazing color palette of red, black, grey, and white stuck in my head, but could not find a sweater :( ....that is until now!  Can we say so excited!!

I'm such a sucker for anything that teeters along the prep-style; that is w/o looking overtly Ivy League-ish. Something about argyle just screams class, and style...such a good style standard.  Before leaving NC last week I had paired another argyle sweater w/ these trousers,  and OMG I NEED THIS OUTFIT!!  Pair these w/ some cute flats, a scarf or hat, and an awesome coat, and voila! a fashionable/perfect fall/winter outfit!  Can you tell I'm excited fall is here? :)

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