After moving in w/ my very generous, and bestest friend April, I noticed that I didn't have a lot of space to play with, and wanted a way to showcase my nifty little items.  I had purchased this towel rack from IKEA last summer to use in the bathroom, and found it to be quite handy as a hang fixture in my "room" instead.  It's great to walk in, and have an automatic place for my keys which helps me not forget my them when I'm running late.  I can display some of my most treasured, and used items--my tassel from graduation last winter, the St. Jude's bracelet from work, one of my favorite necklaces, a rose quartz necklace that I bought on a school trip from high school, and my Coach wristlet.  It really is neat to use items not meant for their original purpose.  The rack is modern, and showcasing these items gives it a touch of my personality which makes my room feel more like my own space.

I purchased this glass hummingbird from a theme park back in high school, and definitely wanted to place it somewhere to be seen without it being possibly broken by the cats.  It's hanging on a hook in the corner by my bed...it almost looks as if it's floating in midair which I love.  Obviously I bought it for the bright pink and purple colors, and that I love hummingbirds.  So pretty!!

On a more serious note...I was helping a friend take out her trash, and saw one of the most horrific things by the dumspter.  Whoever did this should be sent to jail forever!  I can't believe I found this laying in the snow, and ice and immediately rescued it...

What?  Did you think I was talking about something else? :P

That's right...the 2011 Spring Fashion Preview issue of Harper's Bazaar.  I literally squeeled out of excitement, and sympathy only b/c this could have been labeled as an attempted murder to fashion, and was in shock that it was right there!  Someone does not just throw away a magazine like this...it is kept for reference, and reminiscing old trends.  For Pete's sake it's a history book!...okay not really, but still...  Seriously though I don't think whoever threw it away meant to...my theory is they were throwing away the garbage, and it might have gotten mixed in somehow accidentally.  But it's like the saying goes...One person's garbage is another man (or girl's) treasure :)

Have a fabulous week, and only 5 more days until Christmas!  Are you ready??  Happy Shopping!!

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