Wardrobe Essentials I Lack

After doing some "shopping" with my cousin this past weekend, I've realized I'm really lacking a few key pieces in my wardrobe.  Walking through the countless, people-filled, over-advertised stores I started noticing  items, and saying to myself "I really need to get these", or "Why haven't I gotten this yet?".  Now some of these things I already own like seamless panties, long sleeve shirts, and a scarf, but I need to add more of them into the wardrobe.  The rain boots are on the top of my list of right now because I'm tired of walking out in the snow w/ tennis shoes on.  They do not keep my feet warm or dry, and I can't afford to get sick right now.  Plus I'm tired of having fear that I'm going to crack my head open from slipping on ice which is never cool.  A suit jacket is a MUST, and I hate admitting it, but I don't own one :(.  This is a vital piece in any wardrobe especially for a college graduate...I would say it's number 2 or 3 on the list of wardrobe priority.  

1)  Cozy Patterned socks-Gap $15.99

2)  Pickstitch Two Button Jacket-NY&Co. -$69.95

4)  Extra Soft Knit Scarf-Forever 21 $9.80

5) Waffle Tee-Old Navy $14.50

6) Maidenform Dream Bandeau Bra- Maidenform $14

7) Zebra Rain Boots- Target $18.74

What are some items you're lacking in your wardrobe?  Any must haves that you think I should have or add to the list?  Have a good rest of the week, and Happy Shopping!

P.S. So remember me posting about this coat?  I totally got it for Christmas!!!  Go me!! :)


  1. hay :) i just saw your link on IFB new blogger's post and thought I would stop by. great blog you have here :) have a lovely day/night! ^_^

    F. (opinionslave.blogspot.com)


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