Prep Style

As much as I'm trying to convince myself that there's still a few weeks until spring, my fashionable mind is already in spring-mode.  Spring to me as symbolized fresh, classic, breezy, and fun which I depicted in this edition of Look of the Week.

After a short, personal try-on session during an off-day at my store I immediately knew that I need to include a good, solid pair of khaki's and the ever-classic blue striped button down in to my spring wardrobe.  These two pieces put together obviously is the epitome of preppy style, and a great intro look for Spring.  Pairing neutral accessories only brings out the sophistication more.  With my journey as being a single girl again, and starting over I feel the need to update my look, and finally find my true inner and outer style.  It's a process to say the least, and a never-ending one in the long run in my opinion.  Fashion trends go from season to season, but style is forever.  So far I like the results ;)

Happy Tuesday, and Happy Shopping!!

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