Spring Spin

The Urban Apparel contacted me a few days ago to spotlight their Spring collection “Spring Spin”, and I must say I’m quite intrigued.  The inspiration behind the look is looking chic on your Huffy now that the weather is (slowly becoming) warmer.  I think I can speak for most of the U.S. that I’m tired of being cooped up in the house all day, and being smothered by the endless layers to maintain body heat. I’m yearning to feel the warmth of the sun on my skin, have the windows down while driving, and my sunnies be a necessity every day.  It’s shocking to say for those who know me best I’m excited to wear shorts again!  “Spring Spin” has this retro, X-Games, California-esque, relaxed look that is more than welcoming for the warm weather.  With classic pieces like khaki shorts and straight leg jeans along with screen printed tees this collection has got my wheels turning on what items I'd like to add to my Spring wardrobe.  Here's a sneak peak at some of my favorite items...

I'm honestly digging this last tee...it just seems fun, and the old school bike makes me smile.  But in all seriousness I really like this new collection.  The bike/cycling inspiration is perfect and playful, and the overall concept is different which I really admire the most. Good job Urban Apparel!!  Do me a favor and go check out the collection.  Everything is reasonably priced, and there's some fun items to snatch up for Spring!  Happy Shopping!!

What are some of your favorite past times in the Spring?


  1. I am loving the red, black and white shorts and the orange bracelet! I think I may have to purchase some of those when I have some money :) If you would like any different fashion perspectives please feel free to contact me www.inkelves.com I love fashion and I love writing!

    Take Care

  2. I love the bracelet as well! And there's more colors on the website which they're all pretty and vibrant! Thanks for the love my dear!! :)


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