Current Lust: Striped Pants

The 7th Avenue Bootcut Striped Pant - Petite

The 7th Avenue Bootcut Pant – Black Pinstripe - Average

Both are Bootcut Pants from NY&Co.

Needless to say I'm in total love with these pants!  I seriously need the seersucker pants in my life for sure, and from an early age I've always had an obsession with pinstriped pants.  And the fact that I'll have some extra moo-la in my pocket next weekend is probably not a good thing.  I do need new pants...I'm losing weight, and none of my current ones fit.  But knowing me I'll find something else that I feel I'll need when really I don't (Insert personal shopping mantra here i.e.  Don't think of it as blowing your money...think of it as an investment).  Which in this case is probably not a good idea so I'll keep my shopping list short w/ pants, and maybe a top...we'll see ;)

Happy Weekend!!!


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