Carrie and Fringe

Top-thrifted; Jeans-Macy's; Clutch, Earrings, Bracelet-NY&Co.

Life has been crazy to say the least so I deeply apologize for not posting in over a month!  With work, and no working laptop it's been hard, but it's not stopped me from taking pictures for posts.  Thus I present my toned-down Carrie Bradshaw inspiration post.

I found this adorable top at a dollar store...well it was really $3, but still!  I'm infatuated with grey and white striped tops and this was perfect.  Flowy, comfortable and classic...check!  And I apologize for my tv in the picture.  I'm using my roommate's lappy, and she doesn't have Picasa so I can't edit anything so bear with me.

So remember the handbag I was lusting over in this post?  This is the clutch version, and it was the smartest purchase I've made thus far.  Seriously.  It's bigger than a wristlet which helps me out A LOT when I'm on the run or out on the town.  It's like a mini-Birkin, but without the ridiculous, ginormous pricetag.

All I have to say about these earrings are O.M.G!!!  I've never been into dangly earrings, but I had to add this fringe pair to my accessories wardrobe.  When worn they take on this whole persona of a badass rocker chick...just enough attitude to make a statement in a big, and small way.  In addition the 14 gauge horseshoes that I've had done since I was 18 which hardly EVER come out adds more uniqueness, and rock n' roll to this look. \ m /

Not a great picture, but this sparkly little thing cost was also $3...can you tell I'm in a dark metal mode for this outfit?  I've barely gone a day without wearing this.  It's been somewhat of a good luck charm for me at work plus I like wearing a statement piece everyday.  Can never go wrong with that ever.

I really don't like this shot of me, but it's a better representation of the outfit.  And I have no clue what's going on with my hair. I was going for the Carrie Bradshaw bun that is seen over, and over (with good reason).  Most days this is what my hair looks like when I'm at home, and figured why not do it in a post?  Helps to show off the earrings better.

Once again thank you so much if you've stuck around.  I'm working diligently to keeping up this blog on a regular basis as best as my schedule will allow.  So please don't leave me!  I need your support, and I appreciate all of the love, and comments!  I can't say enough, but seriously thank you!


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