Happy Anniversary to PSBA!!

 Really?  I still can't believe that I've had this blog running for a year.  And within this crucial first year I have learned so much, and met some fantastic people along the way like you, my readers!! I will admit writing about a widely popular topic with heavy comptetion is quite compelling, and intimidating.  However I don't let that stop me from sharing what I truly love whether it's my actual job or not.  This is my creative outlet, and I'm damn proud of it.  Never once in my life I have I been really committed to something (not counting love/relationships in this by the way), and it's taught me a lot. I know lately I have been lacking with posts, but not a day goes by that I'm not inspired or have an idea for an outfit post. My goal is for everyday take an overall shot of an outfit rather than focusing on details, but details I feel are crucial so this is where I'm torn.  Ultimately I want to build up more outfit shots, and I'm starting that this week on my days off.

Now a blast in the past in accordance with PSBA's first birthday/anniversary....the first logo.  Photo from Dreamstime

And now....

Favorite outfit pic from Uniquely Me

From the bottom of my heart I seriously can not thank you enough for supporting me in this.  I may not have a lot of followers/readers, but I'm okay with that.  I appreciate any exposure and love no matter how big or small...it's always the thought that counts :). 

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