Pink is So Much Fawn

Sally Hansen's "So Much Fawn"

Friday night was the first time in awhile where I could enjoy a night relaxing in my new place.  I decided to light my "Fresh Cotton" candle, and do a little pampering painting my nails in this beautiful color to brighten up my look.  This year I've decided that even though I am a girl (obviously) I don't come off as girly all the time.  Hard to believe right for being a fashion blogger?  I ALWAYS have my toes done, however, but working with my hands everyday, and being budget-oriented makes it hard to keep painted nails looking fabulous. I am making the effort so this will be a great way to find more colors to add to my very small selection I already have. LB actually picked out this color as a Christmas gift, and he made a very good choice I must say!  It's a great color for any season, and because I'm anxiously awaiting for Spring I'm dreaming of all the "fawn" I'm going to have this year.  

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