Happy Easter!

Origami Neckline Dress, Cardigan, and Clutch-New York & Company, Earrings-gift from a friend, Necklace-LB

Happy Easter my loves!  It's always been a fashion rule in my book, and everyone else's, to break out your absolute best dress, and this year I definitely did.  Hence I present to you my "Kate Middleton" dress.  I bought it last fall to wear for the band championship, and my friend said that I looked exactly like the Duchess.  Needless to say I had to have it.  I was a bit doubtful of wearing it today only because of the color (navy), but it's such a pretty dress!  The white cardigan lightened up the mood, and because I love the neutral/tan/navy palette I had to break out the padlock clutch.  You can't see my shoes, but I completed the look with my black, peep-toe, patent pumps...shew say that 3 times fast!

Sorry for the blurriness :(

It's real sapphire!!  

All in all it was a very good Easter.  Church with LB, and lunch/meeting his parents and grandmother for the first time so another reason to get dressed up today.  However I know what the real reason of what Easter is about, and I am thankful that He died for all of us, and rose up from the grave because He lives for us, and loves us!  Such an inspiration for sure!  So once again Happy Easter!!

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