The Next CEO

Being on a beauty kick lately has been probably the best thing to happen in awhile.  Searching for new products whether it be a smoky eyeshadow, scouting potential hair colors, and updating my current polish collection gives me more inspiration to share on here.  My current nail polish is perfect for summer, and it's one of my favorites--"The Next CEO" by Nicole by OPI.  I spotted it last summer, and let me just say it looks fabulous against tanned skin.  I'm nowhere tan now, but by July I could be mistaken for a member of the Jersey  Shore.  Nail polish is probably my favorite beauty product to shop for especially around this time of year.  I love to wear sandals, and show off new color choices on my toes so needless to say I'm pretty excited to see what my newest addition will be to the collection!

I really didn't want to take this picture since my toes are funky-looking.

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