Stylized Art

Watching HGTV on a day off is probably not the best thing for a person who is inspired, creative, and somewhat easily influenced.  And with the fact my apartment still seems "new" to me, and adjusting to living on my own gives me more motivation and excuses to find design ideas, and pieces to add.  What better way to accessorize my digs with fashion pieces like this one that I picked up at Garden Ridge for only $13!  The minute I saw it I had to have it especially for the bedroom for I'm wanting to showcase more of my love for fashion.  I already have two vintage Vogue cover postcards in a photo collage on one wall. And for the price it was a steal in my book.  Many fashion pieces I see for the home are quite more heavy on my wallet which my retail salary unfortunately can't afford.  Are there any places to find fashion art for prudent prices?  What are some of your faves? 

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