Friday Retail Therapy

The past few weeks have been a little very stressful.  Battling a cold/cough for over a week, getting unexpected news from an old "friend", and a breakup (yes you read correctly I am a single gal once again) I deserved to do a little shopping today after leaving work.  The leaving work part didn't happen until almost an hour after clocking out b/c my shopping was at work.  I've been wanting to add light-colored capri's to the work wardrobe, and some bandeau bras for summer.  Plus finally snag this colorblock tank that I've been ogling over for the past 2 months. I had some trouble deciding on the actual size needed for the bandeaus, but after 15 minutes of debating to myself in the fitting room I picked the pretty, lacy ones.  Needless to say I left work a very tired, but very happy girl. 

Have an awesome weekend!

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