Handy Little Things

  They help ward off germs. They're handy. And the majority stink to the high heavens.  When one is sick, or there's no sink after a bathroom trip (Port-A-Potty's...eww) these can be lifesavers, and reduce the chances of spreading icky-ness to others.  I'm talking about hand sanitizers.  I always keep sanitizer on me like my favorite Bath & Body Works' PocketBac in Warm Vanilla Sugar.  It soothing, smells great, and kicks germs' butts!!  Luckily I'm off work today, and have been battling a nasty cough, and other symptoms that I won't gross you out with so hand sanitizer to the rescue.  I decided to break out one of my Victoria Secret hand sanitizers that have gone unused since they were gifted to me months ago.  And when being sick it's nice to pamper yourself so instead of smelling like ethanol I smell nothing but Pure Seduction.  Gotta smell good even if I am under the weather.  So here's to hoping I get better quick!!

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