The Purse Curse

Chanel-gifted, Messenger Bag-New York & Company

I'm having a bit of a fashion crisis, and I'm asking for your help!  It seems that whenever I fall in love with a handbag it seems to tear, break, or have a hardware flaw.  I call it "The Purse Curse". I've been under the curse thanks to this first incident. The Chanel bag I've had for over 4 years has only been used TWICE.  After the second use I noticed this...

Granted this on the backside of the purse I was still not happy when I saw that the grommet has come out of place.  I'm not entirely 100% sure if this is a real Chanel or not (I borrowed it from a friend, and she never asked for it back...true story) so I don't know where or who exactly I can trust to have it fixed properly.  My guess is the bag isn't real, but still...I don't want a ruined Chanel real or fake.  It's a beauty, and I really want to start wearing it when fall arrives.

The messenger bag was my last employee purchase from New York & Company, and I was so excited to finally get the bag I had been ogling over for weeks.  And the Purse Curse struck again.  While at the State Championship for band I reached to get out my lip gloss, and saw the bracket had come loose.  I was heartbroken.  However this can be an easy fix that is with some luck.  The screw I need is VERY tiny, but hopefully a hardware store would carry it or know of a place that does.  Now if I only I can find the free time to get that part done.

So if any of you know where or how I can get these fixed I would love you for breaking my curse!!

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