Step In To Summer

As the days get longer, and warmer you know what that means?  It's time for fun, and festive summer sandals!!  As much as I love my "regular" shoes a.k.a. black flats, Toms, and Sperry's, my feet are in dire need of fresh air, and new styles to rock out!  I started this collection on StyleSays, and yes it's biased b/c they're all from my workplace.  They're all cute, and so far I have the rope sandal...I'm dying to get the peacock feather/rhinestone sandal next!  Obviously I'm adding more, but here's what I got for now.  I do have a fabulous wedge on my Shopping List (click on the tab to see) that are super comfy, and super chic for this summer as well.  I'm really starting to embrace all the summer trends out now so be on the lookout for more summer-themed posts!

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