Inexpensive Holiday Decor and a DIY Gift

Hello all!  Now that the holiday season is in full swing, and Christmas just around the corner I finally have some free time to share my latest holiday decor creations and ideas!  I'm even giving you a sneak peek to a really thoughtful (yet VERY inexpensive) gift that anybody can do b/c it's THAT easy!!

The more time I've spent on Pinterest the more I wanted to create the Christmas Ornament Wreath that has been circulating around the blogsphere, and popped up in my followers.  Eddie Ross is the original post I found with a great tutorial.  However I used a very thick wire hanger that was hard to un- and re-twist, and I did NOT hot glue the caps onto the ornament that he preaches about only because they're shatterproof, and sturdy.  I used a 50 count set from Wal-Mart that cost around $20, and actually almost ran out of room on the hanger.  Anywhoo this was super easy, and I'm darn proud of my wreath!

For around the house I took scraps of wrapping paper and placed in the main picture frame in the living room.  I'm thinking it needs some ribbon or a bow to give it more pizazz...

In the bedroom I found an old Christmas card, and slid it in a smaller picture frame.  It's subtle, but I like the look especially in the silver (covered in fingerprints) frame.


Found the idea on, you guessed it, Pinterest.  Take any ceramic plate, and with a Sharpie one can have endless possibilities on what to do. Then bake the plate in the over at 350 for 30 minutes...that simple!!  Some have monogrammed, but I like the quote idea better.  This is the rough draft of what I want to do.  In order to line it all out I taped a piece of notebook paper, and then traced out the middle circle and quote to get an idea of spacing and centering...

And here is the final product.  When I first wrote out the script I noticed it was uneven, and just wonky all over. And after thinking about it I should've used a ruler or some straight-edged object to write evenly.  Definitely one of those facepalm moments.  So after retracing and adding some fun dots I'm pleased with the result.   I will say I'm a little bummed the blue faded, but I should have expected it.  Next time I'll know to just use black (unless any of you know of something else that could work).

So there you have it.  Some fun, and cheap ideas for decorating and a gift idea as well!  Hope you enjoyed, and feel free to pin anything!  Just make sure it comes back to me please!!

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