DIY Bedroom Art

Hola my friends!! I couldn't wait to share my newest DIY project thanks to Pinterest.  I swear there needs to be a Pinterest Addict group or something...or maybe there is already.  Anywho...

So I've been pondering ideas to add more color to my bedroom, and I'm stuck on doing a peacock-themed/color palette.  However I want more blues and purples rather than teals/turquoise which is harder to do in this theme. So here comes Pinterest for my inspiration. 

I found this pin, and thought "Oh I could do that!!", and after some more searching I found this pin too, and the wheels began to turn.  I liked the ombre look and the visual impact both pieces made in a room, but didn't want to be a copycat either. Back to the drawing board I went...

 I picked up the paint chips from the Behr section in Lowe's , and liked how the white lines separated each color so I lined them up with a few other cards for a patchwork/checkered look.  After some rearranging I went with teals in the top frame, blues in the middle, and purples for the bottom.  Now comes to the tedious task of taping and rearranging the cards to make sure the white lines line up, and the numbers or names don't show.  This took me maybe 10 minutes tops.  I taped each palette to the back of the matting just so it wouldn't move around too.  

I'm so proud of this piece, and absolutely fell in love when I placed it above my bed.  I'm going for a collage look over the bed so I'll be adding more artsy pieces and such in the coming weeks.  But for now I'll just stare at my colorful art work!!  Hope you like it!


I never really noticed that my reflection was in the picture so I decided to take the glass out of the frame to snap another.  Oops!!!


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