Home Sweet Home(Screen)

After working 8 hours on very little sleep I'm surprised I had the brain power to change up my the look on my phone.  Out of my lack of sleep, and boredom I ended up, where else, on Pinterest.   I came across two separate Pins (here and here) on how to customize the icons through an app called CocoPPa.  And needless to say there are some stinkin' cute icons that I couldn't resist to give it a try.  The first pin has a better explanation on how to add the icons...it is lengthy, but it'll be worth it in the end!  

My chevron wallpaper?  Just Google Image "Chevron Wallpaper iPhone"...tons and tons to choose from!!

P.S.  Notice the Contact for the Phone icon? Let's just say A LOT has transpired, and things are splendid in that area of my life (again) ;)

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