Skeleton Key Wall Art

Apparently the DIY bug has bitten me again which I'm actually quite thankful for since it gives me a bit of a break from the craziness of reality.  With what little free/"me" time I have between work, and having my little "family" back together I don't get too many chances to find inspiration a.k.a spend countless hours aimlessly on Pinterest.  Today I found myself with an afternoon free (besides cleaning and laundry), and able to spend time with my puppy while Allen is at work.  

A few days ago I had pinned a skeleton key DIY wall art project that was pretty neat, and I wanted to complete for my own decor collection.  I had a few old necklaces that I rarely wear that had skeleton keys on it along with a broken picture frame that I could easily upcycle into what I created above.  It was simple, and somewhat easy to complete.

All I used was:
Hot glue
Super glue
Skeleton keys
Picture frame (this one is a 4 x 6)

First I removed the broken glass.  Second, I stuck a nail through the cardboard backing since this was a standing frame only. The hole is hidden by the actual frame itself. I took pliers to the standing mount so I could lay the cardboard flat on the table to get the keys to stick.  Then hot glued/super glued the keys to the cardboard backing of the frame.  This is what took the longest b/c the bigger keys didn't lay flat so I had to play around with the gluing part.  After a few tries, and a LOT of pressing I finally got them to stick without falling off.  Put the cardboard back into the frame, and secured it then stuck the nailed frame into a pre-existing hole in the wall!!

I'm pretty pleased with how it looks.  I had pondered about getting some scrapbook paper for the background, but with no car to get anywhere my impatience won over.  I'm sure over time I'll have to reapply some glue, but overall I'm happy!!


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