Lookin Glassy

As much as I love to window shop, and spend endless hours online searching for items to spruce up my pad I can never bring myself to spend the money to do so. I admit I have this bi-polar attitude where I want things, but I don't want to have a lot of stuff. Plus I'm too frugal for my own good sometimes.

I found the best way to add "new" items is to shop from what I already own. I've seen all over the blogosphere people up cycling and reusing old items especially the glass containers candles come in. I love candles, and the variety of jars they come in. I never knew, however, how to get the remaining wax out once the wick burned out. I can't tell you how many times I've thrown out awesome looking jars because of this dilemma.  Until I came across an awesome pin that answered my questions, and now I have a small collection of glass containers that I've repurposed.

Here's how to do it:

Basically boil just enough water to fill the container. Maybe 2-4 cups. I use my little sauce pan and fill it 3/4 full. Once the water is boiling immediately pour it into the jar. I recommend sitting the jar in the sink just in case there's any spillover. Using potholders (it's gonna be hot!) set the container on a flat surface, and let it sit overnight. The majority of the wax will float to the top, and harden into one piece. When ready take a spoon and break the wax in half to get it out. Then scrape the inside of the glass to get out any remaining wax that might have not floated to the top. Wipe off the spoon with a paper towel, and keep repeating until you get what you can off the inside. Now listen very closely: DO NOT POUR THE REMAINING WATER DOWN THE DRAIN!!!! This will cause any wax mixed in the water to cover the drain. and cause major headaches down the road with your plumbing. And we don't want that so don't say I didn't warn ya! I normally dump it outside, or into a plastic Walmart bag then in the trash. Oh, and the pesky metal fixture the wick was in? I usually scrape it out with the spoon. Wipe out the glass with Windex or trusty glass cleaner, and it should be sparkling like there was never any wax at all!  

Doesn't that look nifty?? There's still a little bit of glue on the bottom, but I'm not stressing. It'll be painted over, and sitting on my bookshelf once I decide what color to paint it.

Here's two previous containers that I've up cycled for my bathroom. They have worked wonders since I use these items every night, and are easily accessible now. And they're pretty looking too!! I'm super proud of myself for now knowing how to clean out old candle jars. Hope this helps, and good luck if you decide to try this out! Let me know how you did!!

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