Slowly, but Surely

As my debacle continues on to how to style my bookcase in the living room I will say I've made some progress.  Now that my roommates have moved out (tear) I had the second shelf freed up from their massive collection of DVD's.  I know mine is tiny, but good grief theirs put mine to shame.  Anywho she had gifted me a beautiful patterned sheet of scrapbook paper, and immediately knew I wanted to incorporate it on here.

If you've read any of my previous posts on fashion I'm not a huge fan of wearing gold, but for decorating purposes I love it, and mixing it with other metals as well.  I'm still unsure about this shelf so I may do some playing around, but for now I'm satisfied.

For the life of me I have no idea what this thing is or what it's called.  The thing sticking out looks like something you can light a fire with.  I should know what this "thing" is, but I'm writing this at midnight.  Brain officially out of it it. :-P

Does the glass vase look familiar?  It was featured in my last post, and I'm so happy with it!!  Can't decide if I should paint it, or just let it be...hmm. The media storage boxes I picked up at Walmart a few years ago fro around $7 a piece.  Our CD collection lives in them, but now I'm rethinking the black color.  Might spruce them up with some washi tape, or play around with some paint.  We'll see.  Plus the boyfriend insisted on having the Matt Latos bobblehead live on this shelf.  He got his wish...for now!! Haha!!

Now what I'm about to show you is kinda embarrassing.  Not because of the contents, but b/c I really have NO idea on how to style this whatsoever.  HELP!!

This is my "junk shelf" if you will.  Binders with graphic portfolio, and old college notes.  Folders with important info that I keep in arm's reach, and other randomness. The folders and "randomness" will be taken concealed with the magazine folders I posted about from The Container Store. I don't have a desk (gasp!) in my apartment so most of my office supplies live in a tote, or displayed above.  I will be switching up the pen holder for something a lil' more sophisticated once I burn up the rest of a candle (aka future DIY project).

So there you have it.  My next step is to grab a few samples of fabric since I plan on covering cardboard cut outs for each shelf to add some color to the backing, and to cover up some holes.  It has literally been driving me crazy on how bad I want to get this bookshelf looking better since it's a big focal point in my living room.  It's a slow process, but I feel much better about it now than I did a few weeks ago.  

Any tips you'd like to share, or suggestions please let me know!!

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