DIY Fall Art

Hello hello!!  I mentioned in my last post that I came up with this easy DIY project, and obviously it's to welcome in the Fall season.  Seriously I can't even describe how excited I am for this weather, and every little thing about it.

While rummaging through my holiday tote I realized I have a LOT of gift bags. I'll save a few, and I purchased maybe a handful on clearance after last holiday season, but good grief I don't need that many! I may have a slight hoarding problem, or I need to not keep them whenever I receive a gift.  So immediately I started thinking of ways they could be reused. Then I remembered I had some shadow box frames stashed away so the wheels kept turning...

Yes that is a nail set. And no I didn't use it in the end. Originally I painted some gold and silver chevron patterns on a cutout from the navy bag, but it just didn't look right. It literally looked like something I would've done when I was 4.  Drawing is not my forte.  So I was back to square one. Literally. I stared at all this for a good 15 minutes trying to figure out something. My goal was to make something for Fall, not general decor. I kept glancing from my pile of materials to my book shelf, and then on to my fall bouquet...and the light bulb went off.

 I came up with this:

I'm sorry this isn't a great quality pic, but it gets the point across I hope. I cutout a square piece from the green gift bag from the previous pic. It's got this nice line detailing, almost like corduroy. Then I snipped off a leaf from my fall centerpiece I made last year, and simply hot glued the stem to the paper, and voila!! I had thought about painting the frame with some of the gold nail polish (yes I just said that), but I liked the off-white aged look.

The next hardest part was figuring out where to hang out.  I literally tried 3 or 4 different spots around the living room, and it just didn't look right.  It's a small frame, and with all the bare walls in my living room it looked more like an eyesore than something pretty.  My bookshelf has a few nail holes in the largest space, and what do you know, the frame looks perfect there!

 I then taped the paper to the backside of the inner frame since the original backing was a piece of wood with a glued on seashell, and couldn't be reused at all.

So there you have it?  I think I've gotten the hang of this reusing-old-things method.  Seriously it saves SOOOO much money, and it really allows my creative juices to flow.  My fall "mantle" doesn't really resemble a mantle, but it'll do for now.  I have a shopping list of other fall items I want to add around the apartment, and will do so in time.  For now I'm enjoying this tiny yet beautiful space in my home!!

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