DIY Holiday Table Centerpiece

Do you ever have one of those days that the world just seems to come crashing down?  Or no matter how hard you try things don't seem to let up?  That was me yesterday.  Actually it seems like it's been happening for weeks, but it finally seem to come to a head yesterday.  And of course it has to happen around the beginning of the holiday season.  Oy vey!

I had big plans to do some holiday decor shopping on my day off, but I had to rethink that immediately due to the bad news I received earlier in the day.  I had been looking forward to it all week, and was bummed.  Completely bummed. Another week I would have to push off projects because of finances.  Another week of lost time, and me being jealous of others fabulous decor projects being completed.  The joys of being an adult.

After a much needed nap, and an encouraging phone call from TA I decided to say to heck with it, and went holiday decor shopping.  It was the only thing that was going to truly make me feel better.  I had my destination in mind, and knew it wasn't going to break the bank.  And it didn't either....The Dollar Tree!!!

I've never done a Christmas centerpiece,and was determined to do it this year.  I definitely wanted to reuse the vase, and the miniature pine cones from the Fall centerpiece.  And I had some small ornament bulbs the roommate left so there wasn't much left I really needed.  Garden Ridge came in handy on this trip too.

Hello glittery work space a.k.a. my "dining room" table.  The felt ornament, and snowflake plate are two of the items I scored at Dollar Tree.  I don't know if I was happier about finding THIS particular plate design, or the fact they have giant felt Christmas cutouts.  I literally had to walk away from them.

After about 30 minutes of rearranging pine cones, cutting wires with scissors (I really need wire cutters), and endless staring I ended with this:

I. am. in. LOVE!!!!  This is exactly what I had pictured in my mind, and normally the end result doesn't resemble that picture at all lol.

I realized you couldn't see any of the silver ornaments from the pic above.  A set of 5 courtesy of the Dollar Tree!!

I think a bulb was trying to escape off the plate!!

My other Dollar Tree find were these glitter-covered ferns.  Or at least I think they're supposed to be ferns.  They do resemble mini pine trees.  Anyways they're glittery, and I like them.

The bulbed branches are my Garden Ridge finds.  Each package contained 5 branches so for the vase I snipped the mini-branches off the main branch since the stems were brown.  I ended up using all 5 of the white/silver branches to create a little "wreath" to wrap around the vase.  

All in all this project cost me about $10!!  Granted this is a much smaller centerpiece than my Fall one this was exactly what I wanted.  I'm so happy with it, and I hope you all like it too!!

Do you shop at Dollar stores for your holiday decor/DIY projects?  What are some of your favorite finds from Dollar stores?

P.s. I have NOT put out any Christmas decorations yet!! I know with this post it may look like it, but trust me. I'm sticking with my rule about decorating after Thanksgiving. This was just a jump start to the process plus like I said earlier I had  a crappy day, and crafting always makes me feel better! :)

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