Full On Organizational Mode

It's the first day of 2014, and boy has my mind been racing with organizational ideas.  Luckily I had the day off, and was able to get some much-needed (and necessary) cleaning done around the apartment.  Sadly I also took the Christmas tree down.  It's such a bummer when it's that time to pack it away.  It never seems the decor stays up long enough to really enjoy.  I refuse to put anything up before Thanksgiving, but then again the time period between the two holidays were shortened this year.  Oh well I only have to wait 11 months to put it back up. ;)

Some major changes will be happening to TA, and I this year.  With planning vacations, a wedding , and POSSIBLY a little one (marriage has to come first) we also have added moving into a house to our big list.  Don't get me wrong living in apartment has been great, but we need something bigger!  Especially with our dog. I feel terrible Buttercup doesn't have a yard to run around in (and the fact we may have a little one running around with her by next summer).  

We may not own much, but it still feels so cramped.  With the lack of natural light from only having 3 windows, not being able to paint, and not being able to alter anything cosmetically this place is just not doing it for us anymore.  I can't tell you how frustrating it is that we can't install new shelving, or change up the inside of cabinets because of it not being a permanent fix.  I'm the type that I'm not going to put my time and effort into something that I'll just have to take down or dismantle after a year's lease is up.  Obviously we don't own it, and we don't plan on living here forever. With a house we have the ability of making it a home. Our home.

If you haven't gotten the fact that I'm all about going through things, and purging well let me introduce myself.  My name is Ally, and I love to clean, organize, and PURGE!!  No seriously.  It really is a personal satisfaction for me every time I leave the drive-thru of a Goodwill.  Being able to rid of stuff I don't need is one of the best feelings.  Plus I'm doing my good deed by helping someone out who can make better use of it, or need it more than I do.  I've got an IKEA bag that is overflowing that's ready to be dropped off.  It's been sitting in my spare room since September, and almost once a week I'm adding more to it.  It has got to go!!

Purging to me is an essential step in organizing.  I think every organizational person out there will agree with me that the first step is to go through what you have, and purge whatever it is you don't need.  This is hodgepodge of items from the kitchen, my bedroom, and other odds and ends.  If you look closely there's two pitchers in there.  I don't even make drinks to be used in pitchers so out the door there are going!!

Closet organization is one of my biggest projects I've been tackling for quite some time.  I've recycled quite a few old electronic/appliance boxes, and rearranged how I want things, but I'm still not pleased.  Mostly because of what I was griping about earlier...not being able to change out the shelving.  

This is our linen closet.  As you can see it holds quite a bit, but the shelves are all different heights which makes it tricky to store things in bins or baskets.  I would have to measure out each one, and grab different sized baskets which I'm okay with, but I really want a more streamlined look. Do you see my frustration?!?! I'm sure you've noticed the large hole on the top shelf where the box of bones used to sit.  Being a staggering 5'2" makes it really hard to reach so for now the ginormous box sits absurdly where I keep washcloths, and dish towels.  You can't tell from the picture, but all the washcloths sit in my canvas tote that I posted awhile back here.  I'm picking up another one for the dishtowels soon.  

This is the spare room closet.  It's pretty much used as a storage closet if you can't tell.  I have a few ideas already for what I want to do to improve this space:

Get a wrapping paper storage bin or caddy.  

A smaller storage bin for Halloween/Fall decor.

Donate extra sheets to local animal shelter.

Donate/sell old coffee maker, and toaster.

This will free up some space in here, but for now this is what I'm dealing with.  Until I get my above list done I constantly think about this for hours.  Such a hot mess indeed.  (Do you see the Christmas tree box?  I got it neatly packed away with no bulges!!)

Another struggle I'm having with both of these is that we won't be in this apartment much longer so I really don't know if I should start on this now, or get the minor stuff out of the way and just wait until we move.  It really does bother me that these closets seem so dysfunctional (or at least they do to me), and feeling stuck.  

There you have it.  My biggest pet peeves when it comes to organizing, and what I'm feeling.  To do it or not to do it...that is the question?  Over the next few weeks I'm sure I'll find more to purge, but in the meantime I really need to get started on the to-do list I've started in this post.  Wish me luck!!


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