Closet Organization Update

Hey hey everyone!!  How was your all's weekend?  I've had the luxury of having the last 4 days off, and haven't done much except organize, and catch up on SVU.  Good grief this show is so addicting!!  Been one of my faves for years, and I'm halfway through Season 7...8 more to go!!

Like I said I've had ample time to get my closets under control, and am happy to say I've made some progress!!  Still nowhere "picture perfect" for magazine publications (lol), but that's what I'm trying for.  I had to get out of the house Saturday night, and made stops to Target, and Walmart for baskets, and bins.  Surprisingly my finds were from Walmart!!  I will have to make trip back to Target since I did find the perfect size basket for the coat closet.  More on that in a sec.

Here's a look at the linen closet before:

Big ol' hot mess!!  Here's the after:

A little better right?  I think so!!  I picked up two more canvas bins to store hand towels, and laundry/ironing supplies.  Thinking of getting some tags to make labels, but we'll see.  The sheets are now tucked away in the pillow cases that they correspond with.  I've heard that little trick is handy, and truthfully it is!! I've got other sheets in a vacuum-sealed bag only because they don't fit our current bed...for now ;). 

I applied two Command hooks to hang up the broom, and Swiffer mop.  The third broom didn't earn a coveted spot only because it didn't hang flush with the door while being on the hook.  I plan on installing a utility holder system at some point.  Still not sure if I want to do it now, or wait until we move.  I'm still in a decorating stalemate with that issue. 

Not bad for a little impromptu organizing!!

Now the spare bedroom's still a hot mess.  Here's the after picture because it's actually worse than the before. Awfulness. at. its'. best.

Definitely one of those "I told you so" moments.  I moved the Christmas decor into this closet since it's not being used, and moved a few things around.  Cleaned out some random shoe boxes, and kept the empty appliance boxes on the top shelf for re-packing them up later.  I do plan to purchase the gift wrap organizer from The Container Store later this week so that will definitely make things a little easier.  For now I just close the doors, and pretend that hot mess doesn't exist :).

The coat closet looks a little fresher, and emptier...such a relief!

See that mess on the top shelf?  That's where the beautiful wicker basket from Target will come in handy.  I didn't realize how many hats, and scarves we owned!  Plus the wicker basket is lined so no worries of things getting snagged...that's my biggest fear with wicker!  So pretty, but can be sneaky little things!  A few more ideas with this closet...adding in a boot tray/shoe rack, and creating a command center on the inside of the door.  The latter idea is a bit more "permanent", and will need extra planning to accommodate our needs, but the boot tray/shoe rack is a quick fix.  Seeing all of my hard work makes me giddy to get more done!  Eek!!

So there you have it!  Nothing too drastic, but some progress nonetheless.  Once I get a few more supplies hopefully things will be a bit more under control, and this girl will be satisfied.  Are there any closets you've had problems with in the past?  Have you conquered them, and if so, how did you do it?  Have a fantastic Monday!

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