Winter Wear Storage

Happy Friday everyone!!  How is your first week of March going?  Can you believe that it's already March?!?!  Which means one thing..Spring is right around the corner!! I think everyone will agree that Spring needs to get here ASAP.  I am so over the snow and the cold...Over. It.  I'm ready to ditch my gloves, and scarves for shorts, and sandals. The weather here in Kentucky is quite fickle which prevents me from putting away all of my winter stuff  just yet.  Seriously I'm ready to switch out my wardrobe, and pack away anything associated with winter.  I had one teensy little storage problem with some winter stuff that kept nagging at me...until just recently.

My last post covered some progress I've made with the closets here in the apartment, and one of my quick fixes I needed to make was finding a basket to store all of our winter wear items.  Remember that mess on the top shelf in my coat closet?

It may look neatly stacked, but it's just for picture purposes ;-) .  Being 5' 2" is basically asking for the stack to fall on top of you when you're on tip-toes reaching for an item so usually I'll just toss them up there, and be done with it. 

The days of throwing things on a top shelf are gone since finding this beautiful wicker basket at Target!!  If you follow me on Instagram then you already know!!  Normally it's around $20, but it was on clearance for $14.  I'm kinda mad I didn't grab a few more, but that's what I get for being so focused on my search I just forget everything else.  Almost like shopping tunnel-vision...does that make sense? No? Just me?  Moving on...

I was so giddy when I brought it home, and was able to get ALL of our winter wear items in it! No more throwing things on the shelf, or having fear of falling items.  They're all neatly tucked away in my gorgeous basket, and I can go about my day. 

One little step forward in my coat closet progress!  Still deciding on what my next organization project will be for the closets, but I have to remind myself one thing at a time.  I love getting things done, and being able to move on, but sometimes it can't happen all in one day.  For now I'll just smile at my pretty basket :)

Have a fabulous weekend, and stay prudent my friends!!!

*Disclaimer: I have NOT been compensated or was asked to write this post.  Target is one of my fave places to shop so I'm just sharing with you all what I found!  All content of this post is my own opinion.

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