Container Store Haul

Hello lovlies!!  My goodness this week seemed to have flown by!  I keep thinking it should be Tuesday, and well, Hello Friday (night)!!  Not having a "set" schedule at work throws me off quite a bit, and is a reason I must have a calendar on the fridge.  Otherwise I'd be thinking it was still 2011 or something.  Anyways yay for Fridays/weekends!!

Yesterday TA and I had the chance to visit one of my most favorite places on Earth....did you figure it out from the hint I gave in the last post?  If you guessed the Container Store you are right!!!  50 awesome points for you!  :) I just realized it's been a month since my first post about the Container Store.  Guess that means a monthly trip from now (which could be a very bad thing)....

This time I had the chance to pick up a few more items that were on the higher price-end of my wishlist, but I still kept within my budget of $100 or less. As TA put it "it's my late Christmas gift".  Four things on my list were:

Eco-friendly cutting board
Boot Tray
Hanging shoe organizer
Slide out mesh drawers

I am so thrilled that I found this cutting board!!  When TA and I spotted it on our last trip we agreed to come back for it.  We do a lot of cooking that requires to cut up fruits, and veggies.  However, there are times we have to cut up jalapeno peppers, and avocados which means we have wash it in between cuts=lost cooking time.  This bad boy is a pretty good sized one, AND is made from 100% recycled plastics.  I may not be the "greenest" person, but I do make an effort to be eco-friendly, and conscious of the products I use/purchase.

I may or may not have already organized my coat closet just because I purchased this.  My whole entire plan of organizing it was based on this product alone.  More on it a future post ;)

Same thing with this.  In the master bath the under-the-sink area is a big ol' hot mess.  I'm hoping this will help corral some of it.  And yes this thing is $25 which seems absurd, but this was my 2nd (splurge) trip.  

There you have it!!  Not a whole, whole lot, but enough to keep this girl happy.  I researched quite a bit on these products (and others) when I began planning my next two organizing tasks.  Measurements were a key factor, durability, price (duh!), and overall efficiency.  This is usually the best method that works for me, but maybe not for everyone else.  

Have a fantastic weekend, and do something FUN!!!

*Disclaimer:  The Container Store did not compensate or sponsor this post.  All content, and opinions are completely my own. (I just love that place so much, and want to share it with you all!)


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