Organize: Half Bathroom

Hello friends!! Hope your weekend is shaping up to be a great one! I've been lazy most of the day except tending to some laundry, and watching TV. Relaxing at its' best...what Saturdays are made of. 

My latest organizing task has been on the  to-do list for quite some time, but wasn't a big priority until recently. I've had this plastic drawer tower-thingy for over 8 years (yes you read that correctly), and it's been bothering me. It's almost as tall as I am (a staggering 5'2" I stand), visually it wasn't appealing anymore. It's great if you have LOTS of bathroom items...that's just not me. No clutter, no mess so something more compact was in order.

This is how it started...

See how tall it is? I mean I used all of the drawers, but this was before I began the Great Bathroom Purge of 2014. I can not believe I kept some things over a year past the expiration date...eek!!

After purging then came the bleaching the poo out of the drawers. I didn't take pics out of respect for you all. They were terrible...dusty, grimey, just icky. Out of this came a glimmer of hope. I could pop the holders off of each other, and make separate, smaller stacks!

My original vision was to have a stack underneath the sink. That was struck down very quickly. The vanity has no drawers, and is very small underneath so any stackable storage has to be very narrow due to pipes. After what seemed like a dozen attempts I had only two options for under the sink: ether one deep drawer, or two small drawers. Neither would cut it. I was devastated, and beyond frustrated by this point. 

I bit the bullet kicking and screaming (okay, maybe not, but wanted to), and began to stack the drawers. Only this time I didn't have to use them all. I cleaned out a shallow, and deep drawer that I can use somewhere else. The top wouldn't have a cover which I'm not worried about at the moment. I moved a basket from my bookshelf to under the sink to house taller bottles, and a newfound life-saver (it's been 15 days since I've had my last cigarette. Go me!!).
The other basket (not pictured) holds my girly necessities ;)

Here's what the bathroom looks like now. I apologize for the terrible iPhone pics. There's no natural light in here, the space is super narrow and tiny, and I'm constricted to just using my iPhone to take pics/blog since my laptop has bitten the dust. :(

The bathroom feels a little lighter, and less cramped with the tower not being so tall. Visually it's a little more balanced, but I'm still not done with this space. A new bathmat is in order, maybe some new towels, and other fun art/decor items.

For now I am satisfied so on to the next project...stay tuned to find out what it'll be! Are you partaking in any organizing tasks this weekend? Stay prudent my friends, and have a great weekend!

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