Tidbits of Decor

Happy Saturday my friends! Yes I'm posting on a weekend for once! It's a quiet, rainy day here in Kentucky, and I figured I'd share some small decor updates I've done around the apartment. It's nice to change things up especially now that Spring is so close!! If you already follow me on Instagram you don't have to read this post since I'm basically recapping the last few weeks. For those of you who don't I hope you enjoy!

I have a little vignette above the bed in the master bedroom, and for the longest time there were two pieces. The Libra in me was not happy with the imbalance of it, and I couldn't find a piece to even it out. After some switching around I finally have a balanced vignette! 

I've added some new pieces to spruce up the living room aka the bookshelf  LoL. It never fails that when I shop for decor it ends up being on the bookshelf. I snagged this ceramic white apple, a new candle (which as of today is all burned out), and a lovely blue frame with an inspirational quote. Can never go wrong with additions like these!

Last weekend I made over an office supply caddy with some spray paint and a gold paint pen. Obviously I didn't spray the inside (which is a purple/magenta color), but I really like the overall look of it!
It now lives in top of my craft supply table, and I'm loving the pops of color!

Speaking of pops of color...see that orange Coach box?

It now corrals all of my scrapbook papers, and extra paint chips. It may not be the best organization method, but it's a quick fix. I've been holding on to this box for over a year. It's too pretty to throw away, and wanted to reuse it somehow. Problem solved!

Hope you enjoyed the post, and thanks for stopping by! Have a fantastic weekend, and see you all soon!


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