Who am I-Ally, age 29
Where- Lexington, Kentucky
Since-May 2010

 Hello!!  Welcome to my blog!  I'm very grateful you found PSBA, and hope you enjoy it.  Currently I live in the heart of the Bluegrass state (Kentucky) with my reunited family (ex-fiance now boyfriend again), and our 6 year old black lab/boxer, Buttercup a.k.a. Mama.  When I'm not working you can usually find me cleaning, or organizing something in our tiny apartment trying to figure out ways to make living here a little more functional, and better looking.  With having slight OCD tendencies organization is literally a pure joy.  I am also a Pinterest addict.  I love being able to share, and find anything and everything in the world!!  So much inspiration of all aspects of life can be discovered, and it really makes me happy.  Also I love taking pics with my iPhone.  Silly I know, but in all seriousness it allows me to capture some of the greatest things in life.  A picture really is worth a thousand words, and it happens in the blink of an eye (or lens)!

Growing up I always dabbled in the creative arts. As a child I was obsessed with my Fashion Plates.  The toy that had interchangeable stencils to make outfits that you rubbed a black crayon over?  Yeah that thing was AWESOME!!  I still have my "collection books" I made.  Music and marching band were my everything in high school, and in early college.  Later in college I guess you could say I started having a love affair (again) with fashion, and indulged myself. The original purpose, and inspiration for PSBA was an outlet for my love of fashion, and focused more on a budget-friendly approach.  It is possible to achieve a stylish look, and not break the bank.  However, after realizing there are countless (and more successful) fashion blogs out there I switched gears, and took a bit of a break to regroup what I truly wanted out of this blog.

I still needed an outlet for my creative juices, and with the popularity explosion of Pinterest I realized I really wasn't the only out there who liked to experiment and make things, and share it with others. So I honestly thank Pinterest for getting me out of my "funk", and realizing what I want PSBA to be.  I'm focused more now on DIY/crafting, home decor, but still throw in the occasional fashion post.  I treat this more as a journal where I like to share great finds from shopping, outfits, things I've made or updated, and the like.  Working in retail doesn't allow for a lot of free time, but trust me I'm constantly looking for ways to make my home, my life, and PSBA a better place! So thanks again for stopping by!!

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